Truth, Pt 1: Going Public with Our Purpose

This article begins my Series on Truth.

This series initiates both my personal blog and my collective mission. The series weaves together multiple separate aspects that must be understood as a whole and which will individually be expounded on later with future writings.

I have reached that point in life where I’d rather be disliked for who I am than be appreciated for who I am not. This is my truth.

This series is meant to be read and understood in order, from beginning to end.

“Truth is singular. Its ‘versions’ are mistruths.”

Sonmi-451, Cloud Atlas, the Wachowskis

Cause & Effect

If I learned one thing in 2018, it was: There are no coincidences.

Absolutely nothing is by chance. Randomness does not, in fact, exist. All Effect is led by Cause, and a seemingly random effect has, down the line behind it, an absolute and determinable cause — whether it can be discovered and understood, or not. This is the Universal Law of Cause & Effect.

When you fully appreciate that every idea, impulse, and instance is meaningful, synchronicity transforms from a casual coincidence to a series of lifechanging moments.

It was this type of lifechanging synchronicity that took my breath away last year, in both an equally positive and negative manner.

October 27th, 2018

That was my birthday.

The day before, I experienced an inner healing and revelation that instantly rewrote the perspective of my past life experiences and opened the floodgates for my future experiences to be profoundly more genuine, authentic, and meaningful, for both myself and the world. (I will share this personal revelation another time.)

While my birthday would be outwardly low-key, it was internally extravagant! I was brimming with joy and wonder for the world, bursting with energy from what I had uncovered in myself.

Then on the day of my birthday, a man — plagued by the toxicity of white supremacy — murdered 11 people at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, mere blocks away from another synagogue that had hosted me for years of personal reflection and meditation, which I lamented on my Facebook wall.

Update 03/15/19: Both shocking and yet just a “coincidence,” another mass shooting was carried out by the toxicity of white supremacy, which is just one of several specific illnesses in our collective consciousness.

As an American, I am no stranger to mass shootings, but this one in Pittsburgh is the first one that became personal. The sickness of this civilization had seeped directly into my world.

So on the brightest and most brilliant existential day of my life up to this point, weighed the solemn gravity of what my soul came to Earth to do.

Update 03/16/19: This is what Humanity looks like.


This truth is something I’ve been hiding from the world for a long time, at my own grave cost.

It finally struck me that I’ve never been able to fully receive love, even from the most loving of people, because I would always keep their affection from striking the true part of me that is capable of receiving love in the first place. Instead of receiving their love, my inner toxicity and fear silently manipulated them into “missing the mark” so that I wouldn’t have to be vulnerable and expose my truth — to either the outside world, or to their love which would honor it within me. I shielded Me with a mask, unconsciously convincing people of a façade I hardly believed in myself.

Obviously, living this way is not existentially sustainable. The story of undoing this toxicity is a memoir in itself!

But what all of this has ultimately taught me is that I would rather be hated for who I am than appreciated for who I am not. This blog and my work is a liberation from a self-imposed cage, and a reclamation of my purpose in this lifetime. Hiding yourself from the world also inhibits you from loving yourself. So for me, this is an act of self-love.

Many people won’t immediately understand or accept what I’m about to say, while others will be hostile to it — and it brings me peace to know I no longer prioritize their appreciation of my façade over their reaction to my truth.

Meanwhile, others are going to “just get this” and know exactly what this struggle and transcendence is like.

Some of you who have known me from my earlier years sensed something peculiar about me. Some of you saw through me, past the masks and blockades, and got a glimpse of Me even when I was hiding. (I always appreciated those people, able to see what the eye cannot…)

Well, you’re about to understand what you were sensing!

Mission from the Stars

My body in this lifetime was born in New York … but my soul was born on another planet at a higher dimension of consciousness. Earth is just one of many shores of sentient life, and at a core level, I have sailed here from another shore.

Or to say it most simply: I’m an alien.

I came not by spaceship, but by birth.

And I am not the only one.

This is what’s known as a Starseed: a soul who has come to incarnate on Earth after experiencing life elsewhere. Starseed Lightworkers in particular have missions and purposes for these incarnations. Earth is no vacation destination! These missions — no matter the shape, style, or scope — involve helping Humanity heal from its suffering and evolve to its potential.

My mission in particular involves decoding the toxicity that plagues the human condition on Earth (henceforth christened the Matrix), and exposing it so that others can reconcile it within themselves and within this civilization. This exposure and reconciliation contributes to the mass Awakening and spiritual Ascension occurring on Earth as we speak, and all of this contributes to the vibrational reality and way of life known as New Earth.

Old Earth is on its way out, and I’m here to do my part in accelerating its replacement.

As I currently perceive it, my mission involves four concrete steps:

1) To work directly with Starseeds, extracting them from the Earth-Matrix conditioning that keeps them stuck so that they can redeem their soul, unlock their potential, and engage their truth with confidence and self-assurance on Earth.

2) To decode, expose, and explain the Matrix in order to assist Humanity’s return to spiritual innocence.

3) To heal people in general from the trauma and programming of the Matrix through my work.

4) To lead Starseeds into mainstream awareness.

Belief vs Truth

The counterpart to a Starseed is an Earthseed: a soul who has started its journey of lifetimes on Earth and has not known other planets or dimensions at a soul level.

If you’re an Earthseed reading this, you’re probably scratching your head at this point!

You may be asking yourself, “Does he really believe this?”

And the truth of the matter is No, I don’t. I don’t believe most of it.

Because belief is not required when you commit to the Truth and then consistently, directly, consciously experience the Truth. That birthday revelation I had? It was re-living a memory from another planet. Experience does not require belief.

Beliefs are of the ego, for the heart and soul Know things directly. The rest of this Series on Truth — and the whole blog itself — will be touching on all of these matters far more deeply.

Service to Earth

My work seems unique yet troubling in that I know it’s designed for both Starseeds (who “just get it”) and Earthseeds (who are scratching their heads, if not reacting worse).

I speak these truths for Starseeds in particular so that, in a lost and wayward civilization designed to confuse and disillusion you, you can look up, see someone “out there” who’s just like you, and know that if I can be authentic, heed my calling, heal my suffering, and feel fulfilled, so. can. you.

It’s easier to take a path when someone has already cleared the brush in front of you. Many other Starseeds and Lightworkers have come before me, but I’ve grappled with the knowing that I’m meant to pave the wave for even more to come after me.

In my Facebook group, Starseed Mission Command, I see so many people who are unsure and hesitant about their nature, and even in disbelief about their own truth. Initiating my public work is an act that extinguishes this fear for myself, and it is my wish that my work diminish the fears for other Starseeds who are just blossoming into their divine nature and awareness, grappling with their truth in a civilization that hasn’t yet evolved to understand it.

I also do this work for Earthseeds, whose openness and readiness for this content will vary greatly. You do not know the deception that has shrouded your true nature and you deserve to know, if only you’re open to hearing it.

Being a Spiritual Equalizer

Human innocence is what I have always most admired about life on Earth, to the point of being moved to tears at even the simplest of interactions.

Do humans not recognize the innocence that has been lost? The innocence Earthseeds have been cheated out of, not knowing any better; the innocence Starseeds bring, which is met with the pain of this wayward world? That’s ultimately what we’re all striving for: the reclamation and return to spiritual innocence. Innocence is what I have sought to return to in myself, and what I seek to protect, safeguard, and ensure in this world. And it is not children I speak of who need this reclamation of innocence: it is adults most of all, and Earthseeds especially.

Meditation retreats are wonderful opportunities. Since that mass shooting in Pittsburgh, I attended a retreat with the people I knew at the synagogue I used to attend. It gave me immense perspective that the Matrix conditioning of this civilization could have played out a few blocks over. It could have killed some of those people I’d known for years. Instead of shooting leaving a bad taste in my soul, it could have left me attending a funeral.

Meditation is also the great spiritual equalizer, bringing together everyone in the same moment, into the presence of their truth. It is such a beauty I see in that silent humanity. It does not matter if your soul is from Earth or from elsewhere, it does not matter if you’re suffering or in joy, it does not matter if you don’t know how to meditate or if you’re the Buddha — everyone sits the same, nurturing the same innate consciousness.

Therefore, as a part of my mission as a Starseed, it is very important to me to be relatable, grounded, down-to-Earth (!), and able to communicate with Starseeds and Earthseeds alike.

I’m not a hippy calling for anarchy. All the woo-woo stuff I know, I’m able to articulate in everyday language so you can know it too. (That is how I came to call myself a spiritual strategist.) I may have a collection of crystals, but I’ve also had a collection of suffering and hardship just like every other person subjected to life on this planet — and I have a piece of the puzzle on how to get us out of it, as do many other Starseeds have other pieces.

The easiest way to say all of this is: I’m the most down to Earth, normal, human-like alien you may ever meet.

And beyond coming in peace, I come in purpose.

Starseeds: Do Your Part

As I outlined, the end goal of my mission is for Starseeds and our truth to be a part of everyday, mainstream awareness.

You should know that souls from elsewhere are living on Earth. Your parents should know. Your relatives should know. Your great aunt Sally should know. Your best friend from high school that you check in with every six months should know. The president should know. The governments should share what they know…

But the only way they’ll know, is with fellow Starseeds doing what I’m doing — saying hello, this is me, I know it, and you need to know it because this is the Universe you live in, like it or not.

Trust me, I know all the trepidation that comes with such a revealing! I avoided it for ages, and had to do a lot of inner healing before being able to hold the vibration and space for this revelation. But yoga and meditation have become mainstream over the last half-century. Spiritual wellbeing is becoming the norm.

You’d be surprised at what the newly awakened Earthseed population can handle. The notion of souls from other stars is not as “out there” as the Matrix conditioning has done its best to program everyone to believe. Sure, some are still stuck in their egos and oblivion, caged in by their infantile reactions, but eventually the Awakening will hit them too. You might as well make them remember you for when they can understand you.

Every time you introduce yourself and your truth to someone, it’s an opportunity. You’ll either be connecting with another fellow Starseed or Lightworker who just gets you (and what better way to heal the pandemic of us being all scattered and alone in the world?), or you’ll be introducing an Earthseed to the broader nature of the Universe.

Especially when it comes to introducing yourself authentically to Earthseeds, you’re introducing them to the mass Awakening and Ascension that’s taking place, or perhaps reaffirming it for them when they’re not so sure. Some Earthseeds want to trust this stuff but do not have the inner point of reference like we do. Awakening Earthseeds especially can be very lost and confused. Whereas we’re awakening back to our true nature, they’re awakening to truth for the first time.

It is our duty to affirm the level of spirituality and consciousness that many of them have dreamt of and hoped for, or derided and distrusted.

We know what’s happening, and we know the part we play in it. So own it. (Don’t know what to say or how to do it? Then just point them to this blogpost! Let it be their introduction. That’s part of the purpose of this blog, is to make your truth easier for you to live.)

And guess what: you’ll never truly be able to hide from them or from your truth.

Consciousness is designed to illuminate itself at every level. Just as Earthseeds can’t stay stuck in a Matrix enslavement system forever, and the Matrix itself is losing its grip on its own programming, neither can Starseeds withhold the light and wisdom we carry. It will force its way out of you, because it holds more power than the falsehood of your fear. Holding it in will hurt. Been there, done that. Withholding illumination is painful by design, because the Universe was designed for experiencing its own perpetual expansion.

Thus, I am done hiding my truth. I’m done contorting myself to fit into the confines of this society’s systematic programming that the innocent will be killed, that the human condition is one of suffering, that the stars are made for dreaming and not living.

That’s what the system wants us to do: to choose to hurt and hate each other, to choose to be smaller than we are, to choose to deny our origin, our potential, our destiny.

That’s all the system can do: convince you to choose against your truth.

But the power to choose always remains within you. That cannot be taken away.

So what will you choose: that which it has programmed into you and convinced you of … or the inner source code that deep down you know can override it, and which has been trying to get your attention so that you can bring it to life?

I dare you to choose to live true.

✨Timm Romine

If you’re a Starseed looking for like-souled people, join me in my free Facebook group, Starseed Mission Command.

If you’re struggling with the insufferable conditioning of life on this planet and are truly ready to begin resolving it and living up to your truth and potential, send me a message on Facebook. We’ll book a complimentary 30-45 minute synergy session to make sure we’re a fit to work together to clear the debris from your past and anchor you into the purpose of your soul.


  1. Well said my friend. Was like looking into a mirror of my own inner self. I have been planting seeds with some to little effect. I feel it’s time to plant the whole tree and say gather around for a bit. Some will love the shade, some will fear it, some will seek to destroy it. There’s only one way to find out and that’s to make it so.

  2. Thanks Timm! Really resonates. I look forward to helping create The New Earth, little by little everyday❤

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