To Blog or Not to Blog

Hickory Grove, my personal sanctuary at a Summer Solstice festival.
Wsteria, Ohio, 18 June 2019

My need to blog, articulate truth, and share my wisdom in a public fashion has never been in question for me. Rather it’s been a matter of fear, of uncertainty — a vague, nearly decade long “what if.” A question where I didn’t really know what I was asking, nor what answer I was even expecting.

All I know is I wanted to write ten years ago, and I want to write now. A decade hasn’t changed a thing. Time never does for our personal, soul-level truth…

This article grew beyond my scope, so it’s broken up into two sections, Love and Truth.


A Pale Blue Dot, Home to a Multitude of Dots

NASA, Voyager 1, 14 February 1990

Our planet is a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark. … To my mind, there is perhaps no better demonstration of the folly of human conceits than this distant image of our tiny world. To me, it underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly and compassionately with one another and to preserve and cherish that pale blue dot, the only home we’ve ever known.

Carl Sagan, speech at Cornell University, October 13, 1994

To blog or not to blog…

To be me or to hide me. That was the real question. Hiding was always easier.

Largely because I could never figure myself out, to be honest. Some days I was a monk. Other days a successful, societal man. Some nights a humble servant to Spirit. Other nights a starseed alien on Earth. And in between each of those me’s was the thread of a fervent search for truth, to honor this Universe and make the most of its capacity — beyond my tiny encapsulation as a human on a planet.

So was I the monk or the alien? Or the thread between them? My life motto is Live True — how could I not know?

Trying to pin myself down has been exhausting, confusing, and fruitless. I wanted to “figure myself out” before daring to present any of myself or my wisdom. But for ten years, this hasn’t worked. Each time I figured myself out, I then started evolving into some other aspect.

My down-to-earth galactic role model, Phil Good, teaches the message of Be A Dot. Don’t be A, don’t be Z … don’t be B through Y. Don’t tie yourself to the past, don’t tie yourself to the future … don’t commit to schedules whose opportunity doesn’t exist Now.

Be the one forever living in this moment. Be a dot moving through the shapes and lines of life, in and out, never this or that yet always existent.

It seems being a dot is what I needed to do. A recent experience at a festival granted me a personal understanding of what this really means, in terms of self and in terms of truth.

Impossible Impartiality

Another thing I was doing this whole time, was trying to figure out how to objectively and professionally articulate my perceptions and learnings of the nature of this world without including myself in them. I wanted to be true, impartial, objective. Setting a scientific standard for spiritual inquiry. I didn’t want my work to be overcome with me. It’s too important for that, I believed.

But this was an absurd inhibition. Even though truth is objective and exists beyond us, I had to own that I am still the messenger of what I perceive. A message always has a messenger. The Truth is no different. (Footnote 1)

A blog I follow recently inspired me out of this unachievable neutrality. This wonderfully Victorian lady, Raquel, speaks to women with a mermaid flare. I hardly fit the idea of her typical audience, but I just love her work, her style, her vibe. She’s classy and candid. She brings a certain authenticity to her writing, captivating me on topics I would never have read without her presence.

Several ideas have graced my life through her, including this one:

As I was thinking about what might shake up my weekly posts, I was reminded of what I most admire about blogs. When a blogger shares their story; I become invested in their life. Have you ever noticed that? I started thinking of all the blogs that I love reading, and there’s a common denominator. They have all shared their stories, and I couldn’t help but want to know more about them.

Raquel Carter, blogpost 27 June 2019

Truth might stand on its own. But so do I as an orb of consciousness, individuated from infinity as I am.

Truth is not independent of us — it shares space with us, and its recognition exists interdependently with us. Without the awareness of our divine-sourced consciousness, truth would be inert — existing without meaning anything. Truth and Consciousness are irrevocably intertwined, but that’s another topic for another post.

Thus, I’m accepting that my impartial approach to truth cannot exist without my story of how I arrived to these understandings.

The Peak of Summer

Rather spontaneously, I attended a festival for Summer Solstice. The festival began Sunday, and I made up my mind on Wednesday prior. I credit Amazon Prime for allowing me to gather all the camping essentials I did not possess four days before deciding head to the wilderness for a week…

Let’s be real, I’m a city boy who finds New York overwhelming, Los Angeles underwhelming, and seeks out nature — as long as it’s not too dirty.

Arriving to the campground was an immediate adjustment of expectations, lifestyle, and comfort. On the second night, my ego nearly convinced me to escape and drive back to my bed. I questioned the inspiration I had to live a week in the middle of nowhere. But I knew better than to doubt inspiration. So I persisted.

The whole event was far more pagan than I had considered or been accustomed to, yet after loosening up the first few days I fell in love with the ambiance, the people, and the nature.

This harmonic, symbiotic, natural ebb and flow with the elements and stars is a way of life people have lost by the crusades of religion and industry alike. I was thankful for many reasons: that it still exists and can’t truly be extinguished, that people still understand it and pass it on for future generations, that a crew of volunteers, devotees, and fellow attendees made this enriching opportunity possible at all.

I’ve attended three 10-day silent meditation retreats, and this was akin to the social, extraverted version of them. Peace and connection through people instead of isolation. Enlightenment through experience instead of transcending it.

Of course, this experience just added on to my identity crisis. Was I pagan now? Hell if I knew at this point. (2)

All I really care about is the truth that underlies every ‘thing’ that we are, and this pagan festival in the woods of Ohio provided me plenty of incubation and opportunity to further understand the human condition and its place in the Universe, and my place within both the Universe and this condition of life.

Fear vs Love

This is a popular spiritual notion. However, I did not understand it truly until this festival. Beforehand, it was a concept; afterward, it was wisdom.

Early on there was a workshop that left an indelible impact on me. It was titled What Makes a (Hu)Man. Aha! This was the hazy question I’d been trying to answer!

The teacher, Beth, told me one thing that went something like this:

Even if you don’t love a part of yourself, find the courage to look at it. Not looking at it is what gives rise to fear.

In other words, voluntary avoidance is what gives rise to a monster in the night that is nothing more than a cloth in the day.

And our life closets are comprised of many cloths, our truth bespeckled with many facets. I kept trying to pin myself down as one outfit, casting inconvenient garments into the shadows at the back of the closet, not knowing that the back of my mind would always be aware of them, generating the fears I was accustomed to denying.

I was doing this particularly with my starseed aspect, since it is literally from out of this world and by nature doesn’t “fit in” to earthly reality. I had turned away from it, refusing to treat this inner part of me with my own love and attention. (3) So like any unwanted child, it beckoned, begged, bemoaned until I gave it the attention it needed.

Turns out it wasn’t that scary once I looked at it, nothing but an innocent aspect that comprises this entity named Timothy.

We just let a society frightened by its own lost shadows, convince us to draw darkness over our lights. That’s what messes us up.

The workshop concluded by granting me the answer I had been seeking.

Beth emphasized how important it is for me to consider that I am always at the core of my reality. I didn’t fully appreciate this when she said it, nor know what nudged her to recommend it, but it has led me right here to these pixels, speaking to you and the world at last.

I am always at the core of my reality.

Some days a monk, others an alien. Sometimes both in the same hour. But still me, the one who chooses which outfit is most appropriate for this occasion of life.

Just a dot wearing masks as it feels called, never the mask itself.

Now I’m striving to love these sundry parts of me, and make sure I don’t turn the gaze of my heart from them. No more discarding the ephemeral masks that branch from my everlasting soul.

And in tandem, I’ve learned to not care when others don’t love these parts in me. That’s just truth triggering a shadow in themselves. Otherwise why would they stop being the light they are and try to attack the expression of light in someone else? What someone doesn’t love in you, echoes a fear in themselves, something they’ve cast into their own shadows away from their own heart.

Mysteriously messed up creatures, humans are…

Flip the Switch

To be fair, I’m guilty of multiple denials of shadow, letting fears balloon into needless sizes and amounts, blaming them on the world’s imperfections. We all do this to ourselves as Earth humans. It’s not to be shamed or condemned, just understood and addressed.

Historically, Earth has not been an inviting place for spiritual brightness. But even falsehoods and missteps are valuable, for they offer clues to turn the light back on.

✨ Here’s a pro spiritual tip. If something in your life interferes with your peace and joy, reflect on what inalienable truth within yourself you have discarded, left alone to generate fear in attempt to regain your attention. What are you simply not looking at? By integrating it, it fills you back up and makes you complete, which returns you to a state of wholeness and love.

So the next time you consider the content that the fear was expressing (money, relationships, plans, changes), it no longer grips you. Instead you can acknowledge it honestly and make a wise decision from the awareness of it.

Be mindful that fear is the basic concept here, but it shows up as any negative emotion: worry, sadness, disappointment, anger, disgust, hate, and many more.

So what do you fear? Look at it earnestly, like a child not a monster, and its fright will lessen. It will likely even come to empower you.

Anything that causes you to feel less than love in yourself, is precisely what is seeking your very own love in yourself.

Maybe life isn’t so complicated after all.


Live True or Die Trying

Live True.


Living it.

That’s all I care about. At any cost. No matter how many times I fail.

The willingness to surrender everything is how you begin to perceive truth. You end up witnessing the things that stay even when they had the opportunity to go. (The same could be said for love. I suppose truth and love might be considered soulmates.)

Energyworker Andrew Martin is famous for a maxim, which I’m recalling my best off the top of my head:

If it can be taken from you, let it be taken. It was never YOU in the first place.

Andrew Martin


Like Raquel picked up on with the blogs she loves, you start to discover a common denominator between everything. This notion of a common denominator is the simplest definition of Truth with a capital T.

What is true over here must be true over there, or it’s not true at all anywhere.

The Personal Reality of Personality

One of the greatest illusions of life on Earth is the difference between reality and truth. They are not the same thing!

Truth is singular, a common thread between everything that applies to everyone whether they know it or not. Truth affects us all, even if we resist it and convince ourselves of things in its place.

Reality can go every which way, and can be real for only one person and no one else. As an example, this is why hallucinations can be utterly real, but utterly not true.

So, a person’s personal experience of life can be either real, or it can be true. This distinction is important to keep in mind.

Reality is denoted by emotion — especially charged, overwhelming emotion. Truth is denoted by a state of joy, acceptance, peace, or serene neutrality.

Reality leaves you feeling on edge, needing to get somewhere else inside yourself and in the world. Truth is fine as it is, wherever and however you are.

Reality is fight or flight, manic or depressive. Truth is a calm, unwavering smile, or a spine-tingling awe.

✨ Reflect on various experiences in your life. Can you perceive some that are realities that came to pass or have gotten stuck to torment you, and others that left a mark of truth which you’ll never shake, even when you keep changing and life goes up and down?

Typically, we all get stuck in our personal realities. It takes commitment, dedication, and a good deal of genuine spiritual work to live by universal truth instead of personal reality (personality!). The only people who are capable of doing this constantly are karma-free and trauma-free, if not enlightened.

In other words, not most of us much of the time!

But this is not to dismiss, disown, or escape personal experience. The tendency toward existential escapism is risk for many people, whether they’re conscious of their spirituality or not. All personal reality — especially the parts that don’t feel good — ultimately guide us back to truth. Usually, we realize something doesn’t feel right and there must be “something else better.”

In fact, the moment we notice something doesn’t feel right, is the moment we recognize a reality that had been taking us away from truth. The moment we decide to seek something better, even when we have no idea what that may be, is the moment we begin our return to truth, joy, and love.

Personality is not truth. The sight that comes with viewing life from your personality is tainted. All of the convictions, indoctrinations, and patterns of that personality may be real, but false. All of the pain, trauma, and suffering derived from looking at life through a mask glued onto your soul is certainly not true.

Are you willing to surrender and shed this personality to experience what is truly real?

Consensus Reality

Compounding the trouble with truth-seeking: objective reality exists as well, and it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with truth.

In fact, “objective reality” is better termed collective reality, consensus reality, or consensual reality. Objectivity does not exist for conscious humans no matter how science frames it. And a collection of personal realities can be very far removed from universal divine truth!

A consensus has nothing to do with truth. Just because a group of people agree about something doesn’t make it true. This is the issue with majorities when they are comprised of people who do not know how to seek and cultivate spiritual integrity within themselves — and the majority of people on Earth do not know how to seek and cultivate spiritual integrity within themselves.

I certainly didn’t when I was younger. I wasn’t exempt from any of the behavior, delusions, or challenges I discuss.

I just didn’t accept them as a dead-end for my human condition. I knew there must be something better. I sensed I could learn to take off the mask of ignorance and suffering that I wore, even before I knew there was a mask to take off. Recognizing that pain of not knowing which way was up or down in terms of spiritual integrity, was the suffering that incited me to begin my journey.

Many people have not recognized any of what I’m talking about, nor taken the steps to overcome the suffering of their personal human condition.

This is why we see collective reality oscillating, back and forth, right and wrong, doing well and doing bad — but never stable, never healthy, and never dependably sustainable.

American politics are one of the most potent examples of the delusional oscillation that haunts collective reality. (The word “politic” comes from Greek for polis, city. But it would be easy to conflate it with polarity.)

And yet this collective delusion is comprised of nothing more than a collection of individuals, a herd of people who do not know how to seek and verify spiritual integrity within themselves.

That’s why changing the world and knowing truth begins with you, not with anyone else, and certainly not with the majority who agree or disagree like the whims of the wind.

Yin, Yang, and Beyond

Duality is well taught and easily understood in spiritual circles. It’s one of the earliest concepts we come across, also known as polarity and contrast.

At the earlier phases of spirituality, you’ll find it acknowledged as an inalienable law of the universe that grants us clarity: we wouldn’t know who we are or what we like, if we didn’t know who we’re not or what we don’t.

So we’re told.

It is true to an extent. It’s true we usually snap into shape and return to inner truth when we feel the uncomfortable contrast to it. (4)

But that is not the full truth.

Duality is easily represented by the traditional yin & yang symbol.

What is frequently overlooked, in most discussion of duality that I have come across, is that the overarching truth is not yin & yang, but the circle that contains them both.

✨ Here’s a head-scratching, soul-stirring notion: The Truth is only true when it encompasses both right and wrong.

Ponder that for a moment in the context of everything you’ve known about good and bad.

Think about it. How could something be true, if it cannot explain what’s wrong as well as what’s right? Otherwise it would just be right, never truly understanding that which is wrong.


Although I’ve never seen this metaphor used, the circle encompassing yin & yang is what’s known as unity, unity consciousness, or Christ consciousness. It’s the way Jesus lived and the way he was trying to show people how to live, via emulating him (not worshiping him and missing the whole point of his existence). It’s the same middle way that the Buddha taught, too.

Unity consciousness is a state of being in which separation and polarity do not exist — at least not to the delusive levels experienced in typical 3D life, which Earth is now moving out of. In unity consciousness, you can experience duality without mistaking yourself for that duality.

3D (third dimensional) awareness is built upon polarity.

  • Good and bad, right and wrong, gay and straight, liberal and conservative, Republican and Democrat, God and Devil, etc and etc.
  • Ego thrives at this level, because its conditioning, beliefs, and traumas are in fact byproducts from getting stuck in one pole or another: one “side” of the ego fights the other “side” to keep the first side “safe.”
  • Often the ego incorporates the “right side” and projects the “wrong side” out onto the world or someone else to deal with.
  • Though the inverse is also true, where the ego condemns and shames the person it inhabits and deems the world as righteous, to which the person will never compare.
  • The ego is not on its own responsible. It never picks up the other side of the pole, and the suggestion to even look at the other side is often met with a tantrum (EG, the emotions of reality).

In other words, it’s impossible to know which way is up or down. Impossible to cultivate and maintain spiritual integrity.

5D (fifth dimensional) consciousness, which is what Earth is evolving into during the Awakening & Ascension period, is built upon unity: wholesomeness, ease, love, clarity, truth, sanctity, soul, divinity.

  • Ego collapses at this level of consciousness. It literally can’t exist under the weight of its own illusion.
  • Because maintaining duality requires effort and energy — like stretching a rubberband to two extreme points. (Notice: you cannot stretch a rubberband in one direction without stretching it in the other!)
  • 5D consciousness is when the tension is let out of the rubberband so it returns to ease.
  • 5D-and-above consciousness is where “God lives” and how Jesus knew all that he preached.
  • 5D+ consciousness is the level that the Buddha attained systematically through systematic spiritual work, and we know this as enlightenment. He then taught others how to achieve exactly as he had with meditation and introspection.

In other words, spiritual integrity becomes possible — at the expense and absorption of duality.

The Trifecta of Consciousness

Notice how 5D consciousness creates a trifecta of sorts. In 3D consciousness, the rubberband is pulled to either-or extreme. In 5D, it collapses into a limp circle. Yet, it could still be stretched one way and the other! And sometimes that dualistic stretching is necessary in order to witness and return to the circle of truth beyond either-or.

However, evolving to 5D consciousness doesn’t “nullify” or “neutralize” life and make it bland. In fact, physical-world duality often remains, but now life is experienced from an inner joy that emanates outward. Duality becomes nothing more than a temporary experience through a bait. Instead of being set-in-stone opposites, “goods and bads” that make some people “right” and some people “wrong” and lead to life or death, it’s as if duality blossoms open into a multifaceted flower offering flavors of life.

For example, it becomes possible to experience religion through either Christianity, Judaism, Islam, or any of the other less common religions. Suddenly, no religion can claim itself “right” and others “wrong.” The truth is that the soul always seeks connection and reunion with the Divine, has many options to choose from in that pursuit, and may choose a religious path or a path with no beliefs at all to achieve that connection. (5)

The soul (a direct emanation of Spirit) sees no rights or wrongs: it sees options. Only the ego sees right or wrong.

There’s also the example of love and union. Suddenly, sexuality only matters to the point that it’s mutual and otherwise respects free will. Intimacy can be experienced through heterosexuality, it can be experienced through homosexuality, and it can be experienced through everything in between those two poles. The soul simply engineers one or the other or some other variant of sexuality as a means to experience love and intimacy.

In 5D consciousness, the avenue does not matter — getting to the destination is what matters.

✨ Either-or polarity is not the destination, it is the means. This is how nothing in 3D reality is ever true. The truth is the destination: the experience and attainment of divine traits like unconditional love and joy, and the expansion of awareness and consciousness. So what dualistic notion of “This Is Reality, Period” have you gotten hung up over, not realizing it isn’t true after all?

The trifecta looks a bit like this:

/ \

In essence, Truth transcends — yet necessarily includes — the nature of duality. The Truth is what’s ‘correct,’ but also accounts for what’s “wrong” and the “opposite of what is wrong.” And the truth is usually only ever discovered by having inhabited one pole or another, then choosing to collapse that polarity and recede to the level of consciousness that exists beyond either-or-ness.

The truth is not “right.” It is correct. That’s something else worth pondering. Do the convictions you hold make you correct and just in the world, or simply right in one perspective or another?

✨ Pro tip: Being right requires a conviction. Being correct can surrender a conviction, and yet remain correct in the absence of conviction, especially in the absence of agreement by another party. Go back and consider how truth/love stays when it could’ve gone, and Martin’s maxim of letting go of that which was never truly yours to begin with.

So while the physical, 3D world is built upon duality and cannot be so easily transcended (having a spiritual awakening doesn’t collapse the charges of protons and electrons, nor convert homosexuality to heterosexual or make everyone pansexual), the 5D consciousness of our Heart lives in unity with ease, no longer needing to split itself between the either-or tug-of-war of the ego.

So recognize that you do not reach truth by altering or transcending physical duality/reality. Forcing something to become the opposite in order to be “right” is futile. We see this with homophobia (6), religious dogmatism, with arguments and disagreements, anything the ego can get its hands on in place of the truth it cannot perceive by the nature of its condition of disowning one or another aspect of polarity.

The way to truth, transcendence, and divine awareness is by breaching the level of the ego and quantum-leaping upward in consciousness.

Synchronistically, I was reminded of the story of Flatland by Edwin Abbot right before finishing this section. I’m not sure I’ve even read it, but it appears to use dimensions lower than ours to convey this quantum leap in consciousness, and all the benefits therein. This comment by ARLaBaere on Reddit seems to explain it well:

A lesser-known but nonetheless laudable work, and one which perhaps influenced Lovecraft, Edwin Abbott’s Flatland, examines another true Cosmicism scenario: A being of two dimensions, living in the plane dystopia, is lifted from that world by a three-dimensional entity and shown a broader existence. Tragic, morally bizarre, and unpleasantly barbaric, this tale seems to demonstrate an analogy for the three-dimensional reader to envision the fourth dimension. As with The Dreams in the Witch-House, higher geometries are discovered to ruinous effect. The surreal dystopia of the piece generates a truly otherworldly experience; we may very nearly join A Square upon his journey as equals.

ARLaBeare on Reddit

Fear vs Love, Revisited

What of this? Isn’t fear just the opposite of love?


Love-consciousness is singular. It exists on its own right. God does not have an opposite, and neither does the Heart.

Fear is both sides of the ego, both the “good” and the “bad.” Remember the trifecta, the rubberband that can be stretched or left at ease.

Buddhism is the most qualified to teach this lesson through its terminology of craving and aversion. Craving is “good ego” and aversion is “bad ego.” Craving compels us to obtain and consume things; aversion compels us to discard and escape things.

True, unconditional love is not compelled one way or another — it is present. The truth and love of our souls do not compel us like the ego, but rather calls us toward things. Our soul simply aligns to its truth, simply prefers one thing over another.

Love is the dot; fear is the branches away from this dot. Anything less than God is just one of a multitude of deviations away from a singular truth.

The analogy of a coin is also appropriate. If you take off one face of a coin or the other, the coin is damaged and is not worth anything. An old-fashioned American parking meter likely won’t work with a defaced quarter, missing some of its weight and features. (They don’t even accept Canadian quarters!)

A coin only has value when it’s seen as a circle containing both faces.

This is how reality is an illusion, having no innate value or truth. This is how personality is ‘worth-less’ — and sometimes, literally believes itself worthless and makes the person feel horrible.

But that’s just a face. And you have to transcend these faces and facets to find the worth and truth that weaves through everything, good and bad, right and wrong.

Humans are conditioned to obsess over one of multiple sides of a diamond. Spirituality is learning to see the diamond. 💎

The Truth and Nothing But the Truth

In summarizing all that I have shared, it is the above notion of Universal Truth to which I have dedicated my life pursuits.

Or rather, it has revealed itself to me consistently behind every mote of suffering. I couldn’t ignore it.

A trusty psychic stated I am on a path to become karma-free in this lifetime. I don’t know what that will look like, but I’ll describe the scene if and when I get there. If accurate, it will require the collapse of plenty of duality in myself. 2017–2019, what I’ve termed my personal Ascension Corridor, has been fast-tracking a lot of that collapse for me, but there’s certainly more to come for a while.

For now, I respect these dualistic experiences as they collapse (in spite of how disorienting and dramatic they can be), because they are my teacher in what is true, correct, divine, and just.

Life on Earth is a bitch. But I’m grateful to get firsthand experience in how healing the human condition works, and am honored that my soul repeatedly indicates its my duty to share the wisdom gained from this journey.

I just had to stop wearing the mask of fear. 🙂


This has been a quick primer on myself, for those who don’t know me. And a quick primer on truth, of which there is much more to discuss.

A part of my soul’s mission is to dive into truth-seeking at much more length, and make it applicable instead of abstract. The rampant inability for an individual to read truth for themselves is possibly the fundamental cause of the breakdown of civilization into crime, pain, disharmony, fear, and hate. I intend to assist in correcting this spiritual deficiency.

Everyone must learn how to navigate truth within their own mind-body-spirit-ego-personality-soul complexes if they are to ever know God, healing, wholeness, divinity, and unconditional love.

Will you open yourself to the possibility of experiencing a higher dimension, or settle for a deficient state consciousness whose mediocrity you know all too well?

Until next time.

Timm ✨


(1) The ultimate messenger of Truth is God, or whom I prefer to call Spirit. This is why learning to commune with Spirit is of the highest order. Our messages can be false and mistaken for Spirit’s until we do. We are liable to preach our ego until we know better.

(2) The festival ended up inspiring me to begin studying witchcraft, wizardry, and magic… Did you know people once used wands, herbs, and spells to capitalize on the now-mainstream, everyday, nearly-humdrum Law of Attraction? And some still do! It’s not like Harry Potter; it’s like wielding the laws of the Universe with physical tools instead of only mental tools. This is what the Crusades and witch hunts tried to wipe out. Newsflash: they failed. Sounds like truth is in the air, that which remains when it should’ve gone.

(3) How clueless of me to disrespect my starseed aspect! The fact that my soul came from off-planet is the foundation for a lot of what I have to discuss in my work. Arriving on Earth from another world offers a natural contrast, the awareness of which is hard to pass up and even harder to not teach. There’s a lot that was “present there” that’s “missing here.” This aspect of me will take the stand plenty of times throughout my work.

(4) While suffering usually snaps us back into truth, some people like myself from 2010–2018, do a good job of ignoring this inner signaling system and make things perpetually worse for ourselves, until the whole house of cards collapses into a dark night of the soul.

(5) Do I recommend religion? Not for most people, especially when they have never transcended the need for books, words, and validation, or are not open to such a transcendence to begin with.

  • Someone tried to convince me that the Bible was the objective truth of God. This can be disproved by burning the Bible to ashes. The truth is indestructible. You know what remains when you burn a Bible? Truth, love, divinity, sanctity, the beauty of nature, the laws of the Universe, and God himself. But not all the convoluted claims and antiquated stories that claim truth yet frequently misguide people from it because they don’t know how to read the energy between the lines.
  • Neither Truth nor God are dependent on the Bible — that’s how you know it’s not an objective measure of eternity or infinity. Spirit is the objective measure of reality and ephemerality. Truth, itself immeasurable, cannot be found whole in that which is measured. Likewise, God is infinite, and can be found in essence within us, yet not completely. If God were finite, distilled into nothing but a book, he would not be truth.
  • Truth can be found to degrees in religion, but like the compartmentalizations and see-sawing of the ego, religion is pitted against religion (and even one religion against parts of itself) and turns into an un-winnable war, the clearest sign of the duality that makes it ultimately false.
  • The only people I perceive as navigating religion ethically, divinely, and without getting ensnared in petty dogma and egotism, already operate from a 5D-level heart awareness over a third dimensional mind-ego awareness. Such awareness is necessary to not get trapped in the lower levels of religion, particularly its archaic language and fanciful assertions. Words and items will never achieve this state of consciousness, either. They can only guide us toward it, and often times, we humans choose to fail this guidance and settle for being right and wrong.
  • Also consider that Buddhism at its core is not a religion (although it is sprinkled with certain prescriptions of the world), but is mostly an objective practice that any religious or non-religious person can partake in. I’ve practiced it a good deal. Especially at the early stages, it is very good for teaching higher levels of consciousness, including strengthening Jesus’ teachings. The Bible has a fatal flaw in telling us we need to be a lot of things, but really describing how to get there. Buddhism fills in those gaps.
  • This said, as a starseed, I find the spiritual opportunities on Earth severely lacking. None of them were fully capable of guiding me on my journey, and I had to borrow from a lot of them — and ignore a lot of their claims — and seek from the Universe answers not readily present on Earth — in order to achieve sanity, healing, and genuine growth. I call this hodgepodge of a terrestrial and non-terrestrial path to wholeness Starseed Spirituality, and will either discuss it further or write it into a book.

(6) For a while I viewed “homophobia” as a technical misnomer. I perceived it more like “homo-hatred.” Until I started recognizing what I shared in Fear vs Love: all non-love-state emotions are derived from fear, including the hatred of homosexuality. Homosexuality and homophobia are a topic I will be discussing at length. For now, it’s worth keeping in mind that homophobia isn’t usually the fear of someone being gay themselves (though it can be), but rather a fear and rejection of benign traits that homosexuality represents to the triggered person.

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